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Acting in the development of cultural content, Urca Films intends to strengthen the country's identity through the democratization of access to culture and information.


The careful selection and promotion of talents and content seeks to combine Culture, Education and Entertainment to achieve excellence in artistic and technical quality.


One of the pillars of the production house is based on a judicious feasibility study for each project undertaken in order to propose a custom design (creation and production) that has the objective of meeting the expectations of customers, partners and the target public of the project.


Our mission is to leverage the financial and human capital available to each project so that they can result in moving images and sounds that have the power to inspire, entertain, educate, thrill and - why not ? - improve people's lives.



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the most dangerous adventure is inside your mind

directed by Rafael Duarte

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After 14 years of operation, Urca Filmes has a diversified track record, which includes fiction films and documentaries, TV series, institutional, publicity and video clips. Renowned directors and new talents, as well as professionals specialized in the various areas of the audiovisual production chain, make up the production team.

Acting in the development of cultural projects, Urca Films aims to strengthen the country's identity through the careful thematic selection of its productions and through the democratization of the information generated by its films.

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