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Selected film for Skyway Film Festival

"Whiteout" is a trip into the mind of Brazilian journalist and photographer Rafael Duarte during an escalation to Mont Blanc in France. It is the quest to understand the passion for mountaineering from the point of view of an ordinary person. The film reveals the relationship between man, the mountain and the love for nature behind this kind of adventure. The unique and unexpected challenges and experiences reveal that mountaineering does not mean going higher but going further.


URCA produces documentary about Paysandu Sport Club

Produced by Leonardo Edde and Marco André and directed by Marco André and Gustavo Godinho, the documentary tells the story of the largest club in northern Brazil from its founding to the present day. Special participations of several Paysandu's idols and important names of national and international football, as well as icons of Brazilian and Argentine football press. A must see!

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URCA Films and Haddock Films present the film Happy Hour at Ventana Sur.
Argentine and Brazilian cinematographic authorities, ibermedia authorities, producer colleagues and friends, distributors, filmmakers and actors from all over Latin America were present at the presentation of the first teaser of our film Happy Hour at Ventana Sur.

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