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Leonardo Edde is a producer, director and editor. After completing his MBA at the IAG School of Business at PUC-Rio, Leonardo founded Fogo-Fátuo Expeditions. Fogo-Fátuo produced documentaries about several expeditions around the world, covering vast regions of South America and Africa. His notable film, In Search of Dinosaurs, ultimately led the way for Leonardo to create Urca Filmes, a production company where he has been a partner and creative producer for the last fifteen years.


Founding associate

Dedicated to developing high-quality content for film, television and other medias, Leonardo Edde has produced and executive produced notable features such as “Elite Squad 2”, by José Padilha (more than $60million Box Office in Brazil), “A Movie Life”, by Selton Mello,  “Out Of Tune”, by Walter Lima Jr, “Loucas para Casar” – biggest 2015 box office in Brazil –, and more recently “Payback”, Andre Moraes’ Opera Prima. In the documentary division, Leonardo has contributed to a vast canon of material. He produced awarded documentaries such as Vicente Ferraz’ “I am Cuba, the Siberian Mammoth”, Vladimir Carvalho’s “Ze Lins’ Mill”, Eryk Rocha’s “Pachamama”, Sergio Bernardes’ “Tamboro”, Theresa Jessouroun’s “Point Blank” and “Paysandu – 100 years of passion”, directed by himself. In television, he executive produced several successful projects for networks such as Globosat, Rede Globo, Discovery Channel, TVI (Portugal) and Bravo TV (England).


In 2016 he produced the feature film “Happy Hour”, directed by his partner at Urca Filmes, Eduardo Albergaria, a Brazilian-Argentinian coproduction with Haddock Films (“The Secret in Their Eyes”) and the documentary “Amazonia Groove”. Leonardo executive produced the tv series “Classic Maniac” for Discovery Channel and “Sebastiana” for Canal Futura / Rede Globo, as well as line produced “Ouro Verde” for TVI (Portugal). All this content will be released in 2017.

An esteemed public speaker, Leonardo has been invited to speak for audiences at Berlin, Cologne, Cannes and others. He is former director of ABD – the Brazilian Documentary Association and, considered an expert in his field, takes part of the Brazilian jury chosen to select semi-finalists in the International Emmy Awards, and in the Banff International Festival jury. Leonardo has been featured in articles for Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. As VP of SICAV – the audiovisual trade union – and member of FIPCA board, he intends to consolidate the Ibero-american cinematography industry.

Leonardo enjoys giving back to and engaging with the Brazilian community, evidenced by the hands-on intern program he incorporated as part of his production company. By helping young filmmakers gain the experience and contacts necessary to propel a career in entertainment, he helps to ensure the next generation of Brazilian voices will be heard. He teaches at FGV – Fundação Getúlio Vargas and AIC – Academia Internacional de Cinema. Leonardo also supports Children International, and spent several years as a Greenpeace activist. He hopes to one day continue to make a difference by joining a non-profit board and venturing into pro-bono consulting.


  • Happy Hour (2017) | feature film - producer

  • Amazônia Groove  (2017) | documentary – producer

  • Classicomaniaco (2017) | 8 ep series for Discovery Channel – executive producer and showrunner

  • Sebastiana Quebra-Galho (2017) | 52 ep series for Canal Futura – executive producer

  • A Movie Live (2017) | feature film – line producer and coproducer

  • Ouro Verde (2017) | telenovela for TVI Portugal – executive and line producer

  • Gurias ao Mar (2016) | 13 ep series for Off channel – executive producer

  • Payback (2015) | feature film – producer

  • Crazy to Wed (2015)| feature film – executive producer

  • Paysandu – 100 years of passion (2015) | documentary – producer and director

  • Queimando A Roda (2015) | 13 ep series for Multishow – executive producer

  • Point Blank (2014)  | documentary – coproducer

  • Quatro Remos (2012-2014) | 39 ep (3 seasons) series for Off channel – executive producer and director

  • The Vaz Brothers (2014) | 13 ep series for Off channel – executive producer and director

  • Strange Minds (2014) | 39 ep (3 seasons) series for Multishow channel – executive producer

  • I Hate Valentine’s Day (2013)| feature film – executive producer

  • Ed Mort (2011) | series for Multishow channel – executive producer

  • Letter to the Future (2011) | documentary – producer

  • The Gringo (2011) | documentary – producer

  • Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within (2010) | feature film – executive producer

  • De Cara Limpa (2008-2011) | 52 ep series (4 seasons) for Multishow channel – executive producer

  • Tira Onda (2004-2012) | 156 ep (10 seasons) series for Multishow channel – executive producer

  • Architects of Power (2010) | documentary – producer

  • Equador (2009) | series for TVI Portugal  – executive and line producer

  • Pachamama (2008) | documentary – producer

  • Juventude (2008) | feature film – line producer

  • Days of Sintra (2008) | documentary – producer

  • Out of Tune (2008) | feature film –  coproducer

  • Ze Lins’ Mill (2007) | documentary – producer

  • Soy Cuba, The Siberian Mamoth (2005) | documentary – coproducer

  • In Search Of Dinosaurs (2002) | documentary – director

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