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David (Paulo José), Antônio (Domingos de Oliveira) and Ulisses (Aderbal Freire Filho) have been friends since childhood, when they met in school to stage the play "The Supper of the Cardinals", by Júlio Dantas. David now lives alone and decides to invite his friends to spend a day at his home in Petropolis. He plans a series of activities for the trio, interspersed with conversations about each other's past. But a personal problem of Ulysses can end his friendship with David.


Paulo José

Domingos Oliveira

Aderbal Freire Filho

Shown at the Première Brasil show at the 2008 Rio Festival.
Best Director Award at Gramado Festival 2008.


Direction: Domingos Oliveira

Feature Film

Film by Domingos Oliveira

A Urca Filmes co-production

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