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The great battles are the backdrop for the unfolding of the Egyptian Queen's personal life.
Cleopatra's strategy is to seduce the Roman emperors Julius Caesar and Mark Antony to protect her civilization.


Alessandra Negrini

Miguel Falabella

Bruno Garcia

Josie Antello

Taumaturgo Ferreira

Great winner of the 40th Brazilian Film Festival of Brasilia, voted best film by the official jury and still with Alessandra Negrini receiving the award for Best Actress.


Direction: Júlio Bressane

Costume: Ellen Millet

Production: Tarcísio Vidigal, Lúcia Fares

Screenplay: Júlio Bressane, Rosa Dias

Feature Film

Film by Júlio Bressane

A Urca Filmes co-production

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