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Interactive-musical documentary in 35mm, where the protagonists are Rio de Janeiro and its artists. Act of aesthetic-urban intervention for the freedom to take, recreate and mark the city.

Festivals and Awards: Shown in "Short Petrobras at 6" and in the movie theater of the park in Recife; Best documentary of the Festival of Juiz de Fora (First Plane); Best photography at the festival of Paraty (Paracine); Best photography at the Recife Festival (CinePE); Best Soundtrack and Honorable Mention for the contribution to the cinematographic language at the Mercosul Audiovisual Festival in Florianópolis (FAM); Selected for display at MOMA (New York, USA), at Documentary Fortnight 2003, and for the 2003 Havana Festival. Exhibited by TVE (open channel) and Canal Brasil (closed channel).


Direction: Renato Martins, Lula Carvalho and Pedro Peregrino

Short Documentary

Film by Renato Martins, Lula Carvalho and Pedro Peregrino

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